Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can three oclock in the morning make you think more clearly than ever before?

Tonight I thought to myself that america is failing. For me youth holds a special place in my heart but tonight I took a step back and looked into the eyes of this drunk girl sitting at the next table and then the eyes of my friend who confessed her undying love for me while under the influence of alcohol. This is what is wrong with youth now a days I promise you they all will be seen in church on sunday. And frankly thats what some churches have become a place for quick non meaningful redemption. So where did that leave me tonight? Easy it left me in a booth with great friends and not a care in the world because I was not the one that was drunk. However I only felt that for a fraction of a second then all I could feel was empty. Now did this mean that I was feeling empty or i was feeling empty for her? Ill be honest it was both Ive fallen out of sight of God. This is something I must fix. Also there comes into the story a girl. now normally I have short term crushes or I think im madly in love with her and go straight into the relationship praying that she will be the one. Finally I have figured out why I do this. I want a relationship so bad im willing to tell myself anything to believe that Im in love. So am I empty for myself or for this girl? Both but she made me see what i was feeling.

United We Stand
Zachary Marker DeForest

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