Friday, April 17, 2009

Song slump

Darlene Zschech once said (paraphrased) " in order to write worship music you have allow God to Throw you into deep water." Sounds easy right? Well think again because as you get into that deep water you start to see you own issues. As many people know you don't want to see your issues you want to be God vessel. Unfortunately if you don't fix your junk you will be hindering yourself. I feel that I'm not producing the fruit that is my music in the way God wants me to. I firmly believe this has to do with several things I am struggling with and would appreciate prayer. Until I fix some of these issue because fixing everything is super hard and takes years of healing I will not be writing music. On a happier note I will continue to play at youth group and will use this blog to keep he few people that read it how this decision is playing out. "I feel that people are feed up with Christian music because all of it truth but it doesn't deal at all with the wrestling the struggling to believe that." Mike Donehey. 

United We Stand 
Zach DeForest